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Mental Health Awareness

The mental health series was first published in May 2019

Doing a PhD is challenging. Not only scientifically, but also personally, as we deal with constant failure, impostor syndrome, own and others’ expectations and just feel overwhelmed. We grow and learn a lot very fast, which together with stressful situations from the lab and private life can sometimes make it hard to cope.

You are not alone!

We, your PhD reps, also face these challenges and would like to start an open conversation amongst PhD students to address them. We know all PhD students have these feelings at some point and it is hard to make the best out of them.

The mental health awareness series was brought to you by:

Lore: graphic artist and programmer

"I had a lot of fun doing this series! And I am happy we managed to help some people and start the conversation on this topic."
stressed person

Laura: editor

"It was great to see positive feedback from the PhD community and that we really reached some people with this, we love community!"
stressed person

Marta: content manager and editor

“It started with a small idea and with proper team work it went way further than I thought it would, I learned a lot and I’m super happy to see that many of you enjoyed it.”
stressed person

Remo and Anita: advisors and language editors